*(Daniel) Blake Shorter is a photographer and writer that plays music and lives 
in Charleston, South Carolina.   

Clients: Benjamin Paul Studio, Indigo & Cotton, The Restoration Hotel, Ceara Donnelley Interior Design, J Stark, Ranger Station, Billy Reid, Daydreamer, Garden & Gun, MOON, Candlefish, Begonia Club, Lindsey Harris Shorter (this is nepotism, admittedly).

As a writer he has contributed to Teeth Magazine, Lodestars Anthology, Kiawah Legends Magazine, and Extra Hands.

Blake* is also one half of Veja Du, a multi-disciplinary music and design project where, alongside Zac Crocker, the two childhood friends exercise their ego and test the bonds of friendship by working closely together in a highly conceptual and singularly creative setting. They do not yet have a podcast.